Neo Geo / Dynamo HS-5

Our small home in Miami

First off, I didn't realize there were dedicated Neo Geo cabs when I was searching Craigslist one night. But that doesn't hurt the story much.

A new barber shop owner posted this after he bought the place and this came with it. When I went to see it, I was disappointed to find no Neo Geo hardware inside. Just some shitty multicade. But the monitor was solid. He had it listed for $450. I said I would do $250 if he delivered it and got the lock off. He agreed, not without some whining first.

I was disappointed a second time when I learned this was a conversion, on top of no original Neo Geo parts (besides the screenprinted marquee). I had no choice but to restore a conversion, but I'm happy with the results and almost like it better than the Big Reds.


  • Rotated monitor back to horizontal orientation
  • Removed the jail bars over the coin box; filled the bolt holes; repainted the front
  • Trashed all the control panel hardware including plexi
  • Sandblasted the control panel
  • Added holes for Next/Previous game select buttons
  • New control panel artwork
  • New Seimitsu joysticks and flat buttons; required widening the holes 1mm; almost broke my wrist doing it with a drill
  • New white t-molding
  • New side artwork
  • Metal Slug mini marquee
  • Genuine Metal Slug X instructional sticker
  • Neo Geo 4-slot motherboard