Ikari Warriors

My game room in Boise, Idaho

Another eBay purchase.

Every arcade game has its unique smell. Sometimes it's harmless and sometimes it's offensive. This one had a very offensive, hard-to-describe smell. The cabinet was wrapped in vinyl, not painted, and I determined that the origin of the smell was from the vinyl's adhesive. So I stripped it, sanded it, and repainted it. The PCB had issues so I bought a replacement, which also had issues.

Regardless, I overestimated my enjoyment of Ikari Warriors and it has now been sold at a loss :(


  • Like-new VisionPro monitor (I regret installing such a nice monitor into a game I sold at a loss)
  • It came with rotary joystick knockoffs made by Data East, so I replaced one with a genuine SNK LS-30 I had on hand
  • New repro side art -- all other art was original and in decent shape
  • New green t-molding
  • Freshly powder coated coin door