Weche OK Baby

This one came from Vegas or Reno, I don't remember which. Other than the scuff marks, it arrived in OK shape. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers took care of the scuffs in short order. More info on this candy model.


  • I custom designed the marquee and control panel overlay with a DoDonPachi theme
  • New Seimitsu sticks and buttons
  • Painted the front door to match color

Namco Cyber Lead

Another eBay pickup, this time from Utah.

This Cyber Lead is one of my most prized units. It's in great shape and the monitor is excellent. It came with a single-player control panel, so I imported a 2-player panel, along with a JAMMA-to-JVS converter, since it's JVS spec. Not much to say other than it's awesome -- and it's 1/4" too wide to fit through a standard interior doorway -- so it has spent its life in our living and dining area.