Qualifying; Bally's/Paris, Las Vegas

A few years ago I came across the now famous EVO 2004 Daigo/Wong upset and it got me hyped to attend an EVO event in real life. This year the schedule worked out so Nat and I went for the first time.


  • It was hype as advertised.
  • The crepe shop in Paris. We ate breakfast there every day. No, really... every day.
  • Got disgusted at a group of cosplayers standing in front of us blocking our view, but later found out it was Jamie Lee Curtis and her family in disguise so I gave 'em a pass.
  • Walked within feet of Katsuhiro Harada (Tekken Director) late at night on our way back to our room. He is my Jesus. And quite tiny.
  • Undamned's CPS2 consoles running Super Turbo (J).

All in all, it was awesome and we hope to make it a yearly thing. Saw a couple dudes on our flight back to Miami.

Also - Pawn Stars is one of our favorite shows so we went out to see that, too. It was fun but super touristy and commercialized. Naturally none of the cast were present.